Friday, August 9, 2019


Up at our usual time for breakfast.  We didn’t see Michi until after we had finished. He is tired. 

Chad & Agnes loaded up and headed to the practice field for a couple flights. While Michi and Henry packed planes, I headed up to the practice site to check on progress.  Turns out Henry and Michi skipped packing and went to Verona for the morning.

On arrival, there was lots of activity in the pit area as guys got the planes ready for the contest. 

The organizers hoped to start early but Air Traffic Control had training flights low level in the area.  These jets flew right over the competition site. 

Jets right overhead in the morning.
 The demo flight didn’t get airborne until 09:17 and then things got under way for the most part. 

Lots of great flying ensued with few mistakes evident. Unfortunately one Italian went to fail safe and landed early. ( his second aborted flight here due to fail safe issues. ) 
Team Japan gets ready.
Had a big screen TV for live scoring.
Judging panel at work.

Chad started assembling his planes early to prepare for his flight. We watched the first group complete their F-19 then took his turn. 
Eye lid check.

It was a solidly flown F and he was scored. 533... we will take it!! He was overall happy so that’s a positive going into round 2. 

Looks like Chad is carrying 11th into round two. 

One last voltage test.
 We watched the remaining pilots and then it was time for his last F flight. He put in a solid round and came off the flight line with a smile.  Best he could do! 
Agnes's smile said it all.
We cleared the planes and packed them back to the car for him. We did a short debrief then went to check scores. He received a 525. 
A very short debrief from John.
Team Japan packs up
A good score on this panel... so we now wait for the rest of the pilots to finish up as it slowly gets dark. It’s 8:02 PM as I type this with only Aaron Garle and Christian Nicholas to go. Both worked hard to avoid the falling sun. 

The last pilot landed in failing light at 8:23 PM and within 10 minutes they posted the scores for all to see......
Semi Final results
Chad placed 14th and that is his very best placing after numerous World events. We all headed back to the house and then relaxed... Michi headed out for sushi again :-)
The organizers contacted Chad and asked if he would fly the F demo in the morning.... off to charge a set of packs!
FYI - Due to restrictions on tethering my laptop to my phone I am finding that updates for this Worlds will be better served via the team’s Facebook page. I will recap via this blog but for now I will do my best to report scores etc from the flight line in the morning. 
Off to the rack... i am done!