Saturday, July 27, 2019

Travel Day

Well the bags are packed and we are off to Milan, Italy via Toronto.  Kelly has all her band stuff loaded up as she is off to Scotland for the World Pipe Band Championships following the F3A competition.  Both Chad & Agnes Northeast got to the Calgary airport early to allow ample to to get checked in.

Kelly is under the 50lb limit.. again!
The hardest part of any trip!
 Both Michi and Henry flew a couple rounds in the Grand Prix before the rains came in hard, halting the competition.  This is all I received as Michi flew pretty well and Henry had to return his rental car to the airport. (a long story)

On arrival in Toronto we met up with Agnes & Chad and quickly got caught up on both family and RC news.  With a two hour wait before the flight to Milan, we enjoyed a couple bevy's at the bar.

We boarded the flight on time and we were off to Italy