Monday, July 29, 2019

Full Practice Day 1

We were up at 7am for breakfast.  It was very good.. especially the coffee!

Both Michi and Henry headed off to the practice field with the rest of us hitting up the local grocery store for supplies (water,  lunch makings, etc). After a few emails I finally got in touch with John Bentley and he was also headed to the practice field. 

An hour later we all met up with the entire 2019 team together for the first time. We introduced ourselves to the local RC folks that manned the practice field. Through broken "Italish" I thanked them for letting us come and use the great facilities. The guys flew,  everyone critiqued, and the sun baked the heck out of us.. 36ยบ!!! Luckily the breeze helped keep the heat in check.

The planes at rest.
The whole team finally together.
Very fitting.. except no rain... only Sun!
We finished up and headed home but first a stop at the local electronics store to get our EU Sim Cards for our phones. It took a good 30 minutes but we now have 50GB of data for 9 Euro (plus a one time 10 Euro setup fee) each.. Includes unlimited texting... but no phone calls.. perfect (sorry crew scheduling!)

Pizza night Italian style!
Dinner was a short 8 minute walk up the street to the local pizzeria... very good too!  Off to the rack... again.