Monday, August 5, 2019

Round 2 - Preliminaries

Sleep in day as our team will all fly the afternoon sessions today.  Yahooo!

So for those attending the Worlds, we don’t necessarily know what day it is or what date it is as these particulars are lost on all of us... but we all know it’s Day 2 😄

Yesterday we discovered an issue with Michi’s stab alignment. Some residual paint had distorted the fuse tube causing the plane do things it shouldn’t. The guys teamed up and sanded out the tube, taped the tube to ensure a tight fit and then reassembled the stabs.  Looks correctly aligned now. 
Chad and Henry dissect the stab tube and resolve the alignment issue.
Michi is relieved after watching the guys work their magic.
Off to the practice field where Michi did some trim work. Much better now. 

Stefan Kaiser was there along with the Ukrainian & Czech teams. Timing was good as they all left and the field was ours. We took our time as we are only planning a few flights ourselves.  John provided us with a nice lunch with sandwiches, fruit, chips and mini doughnuts :-)

They all got in a couple of flights and then back to our Airbnb for some relaxation and prep time for our team's flights this afternoon.  Michi is up at 15:20 on line A,  Chad is up at 16:40 on line B and Henry is up at 18:40 back on line A.
Our batteries finally arrived. Special thanks to the Americans for the effort!
Michi gets his voltage check
 Michi had a good flight with some minor in and out issues and some geometry issues with his 1/2 Cuban 8 with full roll. He will do better in the morning I am sure. He scored a 403 for his efforts.

Chad preps for his afternoon session at line B
Voltage check.
What a team!
Chad had another solid flight and scored a 457 (I believe) and is in the mix for sure. Henry had a strong flight and was very happy with it. Some in/out issues but overall well flown.

We packed up, headed "home" and then went out for Sushi... Michi was happy with the choice.

Home and in the rack.... AM flights tomorrow...