Monday, July 22, 2019

Packing and Preparing

Both Henry and Michi have been busy packing planes and bags as they both leave Tuesday for Italy and the World FAI F3A Championships. They will meet up in Toronto and take the "red eye" to Milan arriving midday Wednesday.

They will both fly at the Grand Prix F3A FAIM/ACAME event this coming weekend then continue to practice for the start of the World's competition.

I am sure the time has crept up on them both as the excitement builds.  Chad has also been prepping his boxes for transport as well.
Chad's boxes had to be modified to fit the higher fin profile. Looks good!
Not to be outdone, Chad made up his own stick plane so he can practice on the flight over... should be interesting to watch :-
Henry's boxes feature a plexiglass cover.
Michi has the packing down!
Unfortunately Chad suffered a bird strike last week and had to get Nedim Bek to apply his repair skills... looks like it worked out nicely!
The Paypal pool has been shut down and we have been overwhelmed by the support we have received both through this pool and through private donations. At this point all the team's FAI & Entry Fees have been fully covered! A huge Thank You to all those that contributed!