Monday, June 3, 2019

Team Canada F3A - Progress Update

Hi folks

A quick update on the team's progress towards the 2019 F3A World Championships in Italy.

To date we have submitted all our required paperwork and paid the entry fees to the Italian organizers.  We have just added an additional 'Helper' to the team with John Bentley joining us for the journey to Italy. John previously helped out the 2017 F3A Team in Argentina. His experience and knowledge with only make us stronger as a team.

So now we are seven with pilots Chad, Michi & Henry, helpers Agnes, Kelly and John and myself as TM. We have accommodations arranged, rental cars/vans reserved, flights book and all the pilots have several planes prepped and ready to go. Both Chad (he has three now!) and Michi have a new Excess Bip under construction and they will both be ready for the trip. Henry is loving his contra powered BJ Element.

The entire team was recently in Cloverdale, BC for the Pattern In The City Contest. We had some good discussions on setups and flying styles and also took the time for some team photos.

We have started a funding pool for those that want to contribute financially towards the team. We get some funding through MAAC's FAI Fund but this is only for a portion of travel. The balance is paid by each individual out of pocket. All funds donated to this pool will go towards covering FAI Licenses fees, a portion of airfare, accommodations, auto rentals, etc.

The pool is at Paypal and is an easy way to donate... any amount is appreciated!!

If you don't have a Paypal account or prefer another donation option, you can e-transfer to with F3A Donation in the notes.  We have also received individual donations from fellow flyers, 50/50 draws as well as contest donations from both the Team Trials and PITC.

I will update as required and we look forward to a strong showing in Italy!