Friday, July 26, 2019

Practice Day & Grand Prix F3A FIAM

Both Michi and Henry got in numerous practice rounds at one of the practice fields in the area. They had a good day and have like the fields used so far. They did try to use/visit two others but they were locked up tight.

They headed over to the Worlds location to check out the layout and and also managed to get some flights in. They met up with several other competitors for this weekends Grand Prix event. Michi says that there are 20 entrants for the early competition.  I stole these pics off FB :-)

Word has trickled down that the organizers would like teams to book practice fields and times for their respective teams... wish this was in Bulletin #4!  Although these efforts are well intention-ed, weather, delays etc. will turn these into a first come first served kind of deal. I will keep an open mind and as soon as I learn how to translate Italian and figure out the booking protocol, I hope to get some times & fields booked... although I really have no idea what sites are good/bad for our team.  A tad early in the game but I do have a couple "spies" onsite to assist in this.  I am hoping for updates on Day 1 of the Grand Prix F3A FAIM from said spies :-)