Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Practice Day 3

The team met up for our now usual 7 am breakfast and then loaded up the cars for the trek to the practice site. 

Kelly and I went over to the Casa Bianca World's site to check on the location for both processing and registration tomorrow.  (It is an easy 8 minute drive from our AirBnB) With our dates and times now published, we wanted to fully scope out the amazing facility. 
Andrew Palmer gets ready for a morning sortie.
We wandered around the parking lot meeting up with Andrew Palmer from New Zealand and Lassi Nurila from Finland.  After a bit of snooping, we discovered the registration table and met Paola Battinia the event secretary.  She was just setting up her station for registration so we will be back later tomorrow to officially register the team. This place is very pretty with beautiful gardens and hedges, kids play area, adults play area (RC field!), a bar and restaurant and some zoo animals as well! Even some full scale jets! I'll have more on this in the coming days.

We then headed to the practice field and met up with John and the rest of the crew.  Lots of pilots this morning so much slower pace. France, Russia, Brazil, Britain and Canada all took turns flying.  I took some pictures of the other team's planes as fights progressed.
Nice to see our flag flying! Great hosts at this practice site!

As we waited to fly, I managed to get most all the paper work done for the registration of the team. This is when they will check FAI licenses, Specification sheets for each airplane and reconcile any outstanding monies owed.  
Unknown to us, John had stopped and picked up some croissants for a treat and sandwiches and so we all enjoyed a nice lunch mid day.  The guys all got in a second flight but Henry was done at this point. The extra flying for the Grand Prix was taking it's toll. Kelly and I decided to return back early so Henry followed us home. 
Back at the AirBnB, Henry started unboxing his back up plane. All the guys will need to have both planes checked at processing for compliance. They will be weighed, measured and sound checked to ensure the meet the rules which are straight forward... can not exceed 5KG, can not exceed 2 meters in length or wingspan and cannot produce more than 94db of sound. (electric powered aircraft can not exceed 42.56 volts)
The boxes are a work of art.
Looks like it made the trip just fine. 
Henry is ready for processing.
Henry had the planes now ready to load up so, after spending a few minutes working on the loading puzzle, we soon had Henry's two planes safely in place. A bit of foam here and there and he is set!
Dinner was just down the street at Maragoncello... it was excellent Italian food $$

Also good news for the Japanese Team as their plane boxes have been found and retrieved! 

That's it! My bed is calling .....   official processing tomorrow afternoon for Team Canada